Residential Cleaning Services and Janitorial Cleaning Services 2023

You have heard that residential cleaning services are way too expensive, and only the elite can afford these services. But today, we are here to tell you that it is 100% wrong. Residential cleaning is relatively inexpensive, but it depends on what type of cleaning you need. 

Residential cleaning includes regular, deep, moving, and vacation rental cleanings. All cleaning checklists are available on the HHCS website. You can visit to check. 

Why do people hire residential cleaning services

There are different factors that why people hire residential cleaning service. The demographics are busy life, working class, retirement and shifting. All these are the main factors. Around 80% of people in the United States use household services for outstanding house cleaning service. Some people frequently hire cleaning services, including. 

  1. More busy and working families are hiring cleaning service because, with their jobs, they can’t pay attention to house cleaning. 
  2. When they retire, most families use house cleaning services because of their age; secondly, they ask for regular cleaning services. 
  3. Students are more likely to hire housekeepers because they want to focus more on home assignments. 
  4. People who are shifting to another house also hire house cleaners for moving cleaning services. 
  5. Some hire professional house cleaners just because they want to spend their weekends with families, not cleaning.

Janitorial Cleaning 

Janitorial cleaning services are a cleaning that is typically used in offices and business places to keep them sanitized, clean and safe. Janitorial cleaning is used for banks, offices, hospitals and factories. It is different from residential cleaning because the maintenance in janitorial is a huge task that professional and experienced cleaners can only do. In janitorial cleaning, everyday cleanup is your business. Most people prefer deep cleaning for their annual cleaning. 

Residential Cleaning Services and Janitorial Cleaning Service

Here are some factors of janitorial cleaning 

  1. It is contractual whether you have to take a contract weekly, monthly or yearly. 
  2. Janitorial cleaners must ensure that your premises are always ready before your work and company visitors. 
  3. It would be better if you choose janitorial services regularly. 
  4. You can also set your schedule with your cleaners according to the task. 
  5. Once you contract regular janitorial services, it will ensure that your day-to-day cleaning will be done. 

Both cleaning services are better; if you have a vast business, go for janitorial services, but if you have a home or a living of 5-6 persons, then residential cleaning is best for you. Happy houses cleaning services provide regular and deep house cleaning services. Just call us for a quote and get your cleaning done immediately. 

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