How To Clean A House That Is Neglected 2023

Are you planning to move into a house that has been locked for many years, but before proceeding there, you need to clean it so it can be worth living in thoroughly? The best way to deal with house cleaning is to hire highly experienced and professional cleaners. There is still cleaning that needs to be done by you because professionals will ask for extra charges, and it is better to do it on your own. Here are some pointers that our Happy Houses Cleaning Services experts have made for you. Let’s try this and make your cleaning easy.  

Let’s Clean It!

This should be the rule to clean the whole house when you move out because the longer the dirt stays, the more it will be a hurdle for the upcoming owners. Some people left all the extra stuff in their old house and moved out. But if the tenants have cleaned it, there will still be dirt and dust when you open it. So let’s talk about how to clean a home that has been neglected for years. 

Make A Schedule

Before getting things done, make a plan of cleaning and seek what you need to clean; also, keep in mind which place needs extra attention. It will give you an estimate of how much the cleaning will take. List all the equipment that you may need while cleaning. Face masks and gloves are essential to grooming for better health protection. 

Throw Away Unwanted Items

All the things that stay longer in a house will accumulate dust, dirt and even molds. Some owners left their stuff in the old house, and for new tenants, it is necessary to clean it and throw it away. If things are placed in the house, throw them and make the space clean. 

Plumbing and Electricity Inspection

 If a house is locked for extended periods, check all the plumbing and electricity lines. A visual inspection is enough for you but if you find any fault, then call professionals if something is out of order. 

Deep Cleaning 

For living, cleaning the whole property deeply is a must if you want to move inefficiently. This includes every corner of the house inside your duty, but you can also call professionals for outdoor activities. Start from the bedroom, bathroom and then kitchen. After tackling all the areas thoroughly, vacuum and mop. 

Renovate, Restore and Repair 

When you start deep cleaning, you may find that things need to be replaced. If there are broken windows or doors, ask the owner to repair them for you. Check faucets, bulbs or handles to see if they are working correctly. 

Searching for Reliable Cleaning Services

How do you clean a house that has been neglected us

The most exhausting part of moving to another house is cleaning it; it is also time-consuming if you do it by yourself. Happy Houses Cleaning Services have a team of experienced professionals that will clean your home according to your requirements. You can call us for free quotes for more services. 

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