How to Restore Order After the Holidays In 2022

We hope you will have a great time this Christmas and New Year. Are you ready for the post-holiday clean-up? Everything looks fantastic until it’s time to put back all the decorations for the next seasonal occasion. 

It is always tiring to go back to the regular routine, but restoring order to your home can seem more difficult if you are not following any guide on whether you want to restore your decorations for the next year or pack them accordingly. Our checklist will be pretty helpful for you and will overcome the chaos of holidays. 


Organize Holiday Decor 

How to Restore Order After the Holidays

The first and foremost thing to do is to organize all the decorations. Because it will be helpful in the future, if something is broken, try to fix it when packing; don’t wait for next year. Trimming the trees and keeping everything in a box will be easier for you to decorate properly next year without hassle. 

Cleaning Floors And The Linens

How to Restore Order After the Holidays

Pine needles are everywhere and the most used thing during Christmas; whether you buy a natural or artificial tree, you will find pine needles around. Move the furniture and vacuum the carpets. You may find coffee or dessert stains on the linens. Just don’t throw them away. Launder all the linens and save them for subsequent use. 

Entertaining Mess

How to Restore Order After the Holidays

Just like a Christmas tree can leave a huge mess, so do your guests. It is essential to vacuum your sofa and couches. Give a deep clean to your guest room. If you have enough time, then wash the curtains (HHCS also does laundry as an additional service); it will add freshness to the room. 

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

How to Restore Order After the Holidays

The kitchen is used for many purposes, from baking to cooking. Everything happens there. So the kitchen needs extra attention for cleaning. The holiday cooking and backing is another level of mess. In a deep cleaning, you must clean the stove, cabinets, backsplash, refrigerator and oven. Declutter everything that is not in your use or get expires. 

Fresh Start To New Year

How to Restore Order After the Holidays

We add daily blogs on the HHCS website and visit cleaning tips for Christmas and New Year. A fresh start to a fresh new year is necessary. Remember your car, and the home air condition also needs attention; clean them too. Thrift away anything that is not in your use. 

The professionals at Happy Houses Cleaning Services can do things that are mentioned above, except packing the stuff. Contact us today if you want your home to be cleaned by experts and professionals.

From Happy Houses to Yours, we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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