New Year Cleaning: How to Deep Clean the Easy Way

We have gathered many tips and tricks for deep home cleaning to keep your home spick and span.  You have done everything from organizing the closet to essential groceries, also decluttering is done. Now everything has a place. But alas! The cleaning is not completed yet. Your next and most important step is to get rid of dust and dirt from every corner of your home; yes, it’s time to deep clean your house. 

Deep is an intense task until you break all the work and cleaning into steps. To keep the deep cleaning process painless, follow this step to step guide. Today we will discuss how to conquer stressful chores without breaking a sweat. Before the new year arrives, let’s dig into deep cleaning. 


Creating a Checklist

How to Deep Clean the Easy Way

Creating a checklist of all the chores will make the whole process much easier and quicker. Jot down everything in your home that could use a good cleaning. This includes an oven and refrigerator, furniture and countertops. Once you are done with the checklist, you are ready to do all the tasks step by step without skipping. 

Slot All the Task Into Your Schedule 

How to Deep Clean the Easy Way

When all tasks are written, it will be pretty easy to slot them into your schedule, and this also includes tackling the task per day because some people live in one apartment bedroom and the whole thing only take an hour or two. But bigger houses will take a bit longer, here is a trick for it to split up the task by room or floor. 

Assemble All Cleaning Tools 

How to Deep Clean the Easy Way

Assembling is always the key to every successful task as you know, that cleaning kit includes all-purpose cleaners, disinfectants and mirror cleaners. Microfibre would be better for wooden floors. Keeping all the cleaning products together in a bucket will make deep cleaning more easy. 

Outside Cleaning 

How to Deep Clean the Easy Way

The outside of a home is as important as the inside of your home. Cleaning windows and sweeping the porch patio are also included in deep cleaning. Make sure every corner and front entry door of your home must be sparkling as the rest of your home is. 

You are using these helpful tricks, designed especially for Happy Houses Cleaning clients. It will make your New Year’s Deep Cleaning much easier. Before hiring a cleaning company, contact HHCS for pre- and post-apartment cleaning.


Enjoy your day!

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