Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips 

The busiest time of the year is around the corner, and everybody is ready to celebrate it, but no one wants to think about the pre and post-cleanup. If you are already panicking about the clean up, then you need to check our thanksgiving cleanup checklist, that Happy Houses Cleaning Experts designed for you. Enjoy your holidays with a breeze regardless of thinking about the mess.

Follow Top To Bottom Rule 

The golden rule will make your cleaning easy and quick. It would be best if you cleaned the ceiling and then the floor because dirt always falls on the floor. If you keep scrubbing the floor and your roof is uncleaned and filled with dust slowly and gradually, you will find a lot of dust and dirt on the floor. 

Food plays an essential role.

Yes, you read it right! Food plays a vital role in parties. Preparing a thanksgiving party at your home always needs a clean kitchen and all the appliances. Such as a refrigerator, oven and range hood. Because when guests visit in the dirty kitchen, it gives off a bad vibe about your overall preparation. Pull off all the expired food and make space for the new ones. Wipe off all the drawers and cabinets. Remember to towel dry your appliances before turning them on. 

Get your sitting area clean.

Hiring cleaning professionals for deep cleaning is the best way to make your home look new; cleaning experts are better at pre and post-party cleaning. 

Make extra space for your guests to deposit shoes and boots to avoid dust and dirt. 

Recycling and Keeping Products

Recycling old products such as food, beverages and expiry products from your home is necessary to make space for new ones. And if you think trash bins need to be cleaned, wash them and place a recycling bag in them. 

Use of disposable products

Using disposable products for your thanksgiving party is one of the best hacks because you don’t need to worry about breaking crockery. Secondly, if you use a plastic tablecloth, you don’t need to worry about stains. 

Using fancy paper plates for desserts will give stars to your party. 

 After reading all these hacks, if you still feel overwhelmed with cleaning your home for the post or pre-party, feel free to call Happy Houses Cleaning Services and get affordable cleanings without any hidden or upsell charges. 

Enjoy your day!

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