Busting The Myths



Every culture has traditions and superstitions, followed by generation through generation. One standard convention found by research is that people in the United States have a tradition of cleaning their homes before the day of New Year. Otherwise, the whole year will be unhealthy and sad.


Cleaning Your Home On The New Year

New Year's Cleaning

Most people believe that cleaning your home before a day of a new year doesn’t carry your happiness into the new year. But for most people, it is a therapeutic type of cleansing that you have to clean the home before the new year or either it depends on the people living in your home.


Don’t Clean The House

New Year's Cleaning

Many people believe that cleaning your house a day before the new year is good because you should not clean or sweep your home on that day; it is a superstition that revolves around what you can and cannot do on occasion. People say if you broom, vacuum, or dust pans cleaning, you are sweeping away your luck. 


Throwing Your Luck

Now some people believe that cleaning your home or if you are throwing garbage on the day of the new year, you are throwing your luck; many families believe these myths depending upon where they belong. People who believe this thing doesn’t even throw the garbage; they do it either midnight before the occasion or on the next day (2nd January). Some people don’t wash their clothes. 


Don’t Declutter 

Some families in the United States believe that if you have empty cupboards or fridges before new year’s eve, the whole year will continue like this; people don’t clean or declutter and fill the closets because it is customary. 


Expired Things Bring Good Luck

People also believe that throwing away expired cans and other expired things brings good luck; for some families, it is the symbol of removing negativity from your life. 


Shards are a Symbol of Hard Luck

Breaking anything made of glass or crystal on new year’s day is hard luck for the whole family, so people start using paper plates and products to avoid mishaps. 


We are a little bit early to wish you a Happy New Year, but Happy Houses Cleaning Services team wishes you a very Happy New Year 2023 with all the good luck and prosperity. Please keep using our cleaning services for a cleaner home.  


Enjoy your day!

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