Best New Year, Cleaner Home – House Cleaning Resolutions 2022

Let’s talk about the new year house cleaning resolution. It’s 2022, and if you want your home to be clean before New year’s evening, then go with the flow; our house cleaning experts bring unique strategies for you, so you can clean your home and enjoy your time to the fullest. All you have to do is stick to these tips and get a new, fresh home. 

Practical Tips “Keep it Clean.” 

Cleaning Schedule 

House Cleaning

All our daily runs are on a schedule already because it is much more comfortable to know what we have coming next. Creating a cleaning schedule makes sense. First, make the top priority list and then do less tiring chores. Such as cleaning windows, porch and patio cleaning etc. 

Organized Cabinets

House Cleaning

You all know that an organized and fully stocked closet or cabinets look more attractive. To keep your guests happy, keep everything new such as toilet paper, toothbrushes and towels. And fill the empty jars. Place extra snacks in the room. Each room should have its trash and disposable cleaning clothes. 

Reorganize Common Areas

House Cleaning

Set everything in the home’s common areas, such as the entryway, kitchen and living rooms. Put all the trays and shoe racks, so there should be an extra space for the guests’ shoes in the rack. Keeping the boots on the shelf will make the homeless dirty and dusty. Remember to keep your house keys under your eyes during these party evenings. 

Clean the Messiest View 

House Cleaning

The kitchen is notoriously one of the messiest spots in the house since there is an open house concept, so the mess is on view 24/7. Make a habit of cleaning the kitchen when you are done cooking, wash the dishes and keep everything in its place. Always empty the dishwasher before sleeping. If you wash your dishes, always dry them with a microfibre towel. 

Here is a tip for you: give everyone a job that, after finishing the meal, picks the plate and washes it.

 “check our blog page and get amazing tips on how to clean the kitchen”.

Spot Clean The Bathroom

House Cleaning

To keep your bathroom clean and stain-free, you should clean your bathroom daily. It will take less than a minute to clean the sink and water spots after using the bathroom. Keeping your floor dry by squeezing the water in the drain hole will keep it clean for a whole day.

Throw-out All The Garbage

House Cleaning

Throwing out all the garbage means more than just clearing the trash bins. Decluttering is also included in this. Declutter all the clothes, not in your use and make space in your closet for more gifts and clothes. There is a saying, “human stock is more than the actual need”, so it is better to give away appliances, technology (can be sold) and other products that are no longer in use than give them to the needy.

Go for Grocery

House Cleaning

Go for groceries and get the things you need the most; don’t buy in stock because you will need space to keep them. Before going for groceries, make a list of everything you need, it will help you engage, and you will know that nothing will miss out. 

So, new year’s resolutions vary from finance to fitness. No matter what you need, Happy House’s Cleaning Experts are ready to help you before any upcoming event. Check out our website or call us for the cleaning packages.

Enjoy your day!

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