Why Keeping House Floor Is Important!

Home is the only place where we want to spend comfortable time without. The home should be neat and clean to live a healthy life with your family. As we take out the time to decorate our homes desirably when our home is not correctly clean, we feel frustrated, and our mood goes up and down.

Happy Houses Cleaning Services got your back by cleaning your home in a way that you will love after coming back from work or a hectic day. We are a residential cleaning company with experienced and trained staff. Happy Houses Cleaning Services employees understand that every home is different from others, and the cleaning needs are different, so we have an option of customization. In residential cleaning, the house’s most important area is the floor, whether hard or wooden. We can clean all types of floors.

Residential Floor Cleaning Services

All homes face floor problems because we have foot traffic throughout the day. Dirt and mud tracked inside the tiles, marble or wood very quickly. It will give a nasty or untidy look to your home and can cause permanent damage to your home.

To keep your floors super clean, here are some tips that will help you how to keep the floor maintained.

Clean The Floor Daily

Routine cleaning will surely increase the longevity of the floor. You can also clean the high traffic area every 3 hours, such as the entrance and hallways. Don’t forget to clean the door entrance every hour when it’s raining or snowing outside because inclement weather can cause a lot of dirt and leave stubborn stains.
Remember that every floor cleaning is different. Let’s discuss this briefly.

Hard Floors:

Hard floors need to be cleaned daily with mop and detergent because the bacteria and viruses stay longer on hard floors. Use detergent that is less harmful to your health. Always use detergent mixed with water to keep the shine on your floor.

Carpeted Floors:

Carpeted floors need to be vacuumed two times a day because carpet absorbs dust ten times greater than wooden or tile floors. The set-in debris can only be removed from carpets by cleaning them regularly. If there are some stains on the mat, use less toxic detergent; otherwise, the color will fade away.

Wooden Floors:

Wooden floors are easy to clean but hard to maintain. To keep the grace of your wooden floor long-lasting, use old soap or dishwashing soap mixed with lukewarm water (to avoid the smell), soak a microfiber broom in the water and clean the floor. It will keep its shine and will make it look clean.

Use Mats and Rugs:

This is the best tip to keep your home floor clean. Always use rugs and mats outside the home so everyone can clean their shoes. It will take less dirt inside the house. Secondly, keeping the carpets inside the home also helps in floor cleaning such that it will help protect against scuff marks and scratches.

Remember that the rugs and mats must be flat because a loose or bent carpet or rug can cause tripping.

Deep Clean Thrice A Year

Deep cleaning your entire home thrice a year can prevent you from many diseases and floor damage. For deep residential cleaning, always hire a team that is professional in doing so. Instruct them on how to clean the floor and what type of flooring your home has.

By deep cleaning your houses there are many advantages such that :


  • It will extend the floor’s longevity
  • It will make the house floor look like a new one
  • It will make the appearance of your floor excellent.


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