Holidays Cleaning Tips That Make Tidying Up Easy 


To make your home look clean and tidy, you should walk through your home with a visitor’s eye. It is better to make notes if you see any imperfection or dirtiness in the corners. Making notes of the things that need to be cleaned up will make your cleaning more manageable, and you will know how many people will be required to clean the home. Gather your family and assign chores to them. Happy Houses Cleaning experts have designed a six-day cleaning plan for you, follow this plan and get your home done before Christmas. 


Day 01 Cleaning Plan

Holidays Cleaning Tips

To begin with, the specific areas of your home, clean your house as you are making it clean for yourself, not for others. Always focus on those areas that are likely to get dirty quickly because when you arrange the party, you often forget about these areas. Such that 

  • Inside windows 
  • Mopping baseboards 
  • Shower curtains 


Day 02 Cleaning Plan 

Holidays Cleaning Tips

Remember to clean the guest room, bedroom and bathroom. This is very special if you want your guests to stay for a night. Your bathroom and bedroom should be cleaned. Deep clean the whole bathroom and medicine drawers, remove clutter from the bedroom and make the bed. 


Day 03 Cleaning Plan 

Holidays Cleaning Tips

Before arranging a party, ensure your hallway is clean and ready for the coming guests. Clean the shoe rack and make space for the guests—clean and dust out the hallway frames and place lovely plants for a more fantastic look. 


Day 04 Cleaning Plan

Holidays Cleaning Tips

Use cleaners and seasonal scents that suit you and your place. Avoid allergic and strong odors because most people don’t like strong fragrances. Spray all over your house before one day of celebration. It will make your home feel fresher and assemble your furniture to smell good. 


Day 05 Cleaning Plan

Holidays Cleaning Tips

 A whole day your kitchen needs. Because the kitchen is the place that is used the most, deep clean your kitchen and appliances in it, and clean the kitchen with the best stain cleaners. It would help if you cleaned trash receptacles, wiped down the countertops, damp mopped the kitchen floor, and cleaned the stove. 


Day 06 Cleaning Plan 

This is the last day you have to look at your home with the visitor’s eye, clean the bed liners, change trash liners, replace the bath towel, add toilet rolls and vacuum the carpets. Clean all mirrors of the house—fluff sofa cushions or pillows. Decorate the sitting area with lovely scented candles and flowers. 

You need to follow these few cleaning plans to make your home clean and freshen. If you clean your home before the party, it will be less hectic after the party. We have post and pre-party cleaning experts, and you can hire the Happy Houses Cleaning team for your Christmas or New Year Cleaning


Thanks, team HHCS 


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