A complete guide to tipping your house cleaners:

Professional cleaners always feel appreciated being rewarded for their hard work through tips but when it comes to hiring a cleaning company tips are more appropriate than other factors. Other factors include the establishment of the company, the tipping strategy of the company, the condition of your home, and the quality of the work all contribute to whether or not you should tip your cleaner.

Types of tips:

There are primarily two styles of tips:
Either cash tip or gifts. Cash is a nice choice because by the cash one can buy the thing of his own choice and can pay bills etc.
The second one is Gift cards, which are additionally a good gesture of appreciation, so one can buy a gift of his own choice from a favorite store or can eat the food of his choice from any restaurant.

Étiquettes of tipping:

How much you tip your housekeeper:

Before deciding how much to tip your house cleaner, you require to determine how competitive your regular rate is. Consider the pay of your maids in your mind and then think about how much a service giver is earning monthly because many companies pay higher than the others. Also,think about the companies who pay less to their maids, it becomes quite difficult for them to live off such low payments. So give tips according to their payor according to your expectations.

Elements to consider when tipping house cleaners:

Before offering a tip, consider the tipping policy of the company. Because some companies pay their maids less and demand high from their customers to pay their maids as a tip and on the other end some companies have no such policy of tipping they pay their maids high and don’t expect tips from customers to their maid. With the pay structure, the tipping becomes reduced and less confusing for the company.

Remember if tips are allowed, then consider thosemaids are putting extra effort into your work or respond immediately to the work that is urgent.

When to tip and how much:

Examine how and when to tip in two different scenarios. There is tipping etiquette. For example, we give tips to waiters in restaurants according to our desire because we have just a rough idea about their pay.
The other scenario is in residential cleaning when the maids visit regularly, there is a way for maids to pay quarterly or monthly. There are also yearly bonuses.

The quality of service:

The quality of service matters a lot because if the services are satisfactory, only then you can decide whether to tip or not. Remember the reward is always according to the effort you put in any work.

Should I tip or not?

Tipping is optional, it is not mandatory to give a tip to your maids. If you feel happy with their work you can give them the tip of your own choice.

Happy Houses Cleaning Services will never ask you for tips, if you receive satisfactory cleaning you can give the tip with your own choice. It all depends on you.

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