How To Handle The Mess After Renovation & Construction!

Clean Up After Renovation is as stressful as making a new house. Dust and dirt are inevitable even when everything goes according to plan. As you know, some debris left behind post renovation is hazardous to health, and some things like drywall or brick can damage your home.

Happy Houses Cleaning Services are experts at post-renovation cleaning; get your home in the best condition by hiring our expert cleaners.

Here are some tips for your Clean Up After Renovation that will get your house back with a new look, so you can enjoy it.

Is Post Renovation Cleaning Hard?

a cleaned apartment after renovation

Always think about the pros and cons of everything you. Before starting post-renovation clean, think about it if you can clean the post-renovation yourself or if you should call the professionals.

Some of the cleaning chores after renovation are similar to regular cleanings, like dusting, vacuuming and polishing, but the equipment used for regular cleaning differs from post-renovation cleaning. It needs heavy machinery for good results and to remove debris, dirt etc.

You can get it done by yourself by renting out the equipment from any warehouse if you want to save money. Professional cleaning is a bit expensive for post-renovation cleaning.

Post Renovation Cleaning Checklist

Vacuum Carpets and Upholstery

It is evident that dirt and dust particles are embedded in curtains and furniture during construction. If you don’t do a deep clean, it will give a dirty look that can be itchy and irritating to family and visiting guests. You should vacuum all surfaces well, so there is no dust left. You can clean the surface twice.

Wipe Down Hard Surfaces

a man cleaning the hard wood surface with broom

Clean your home post-renovation with top to bottom cleaning rules. Clean and dust out the wall; yes, during construction, there will be a good amount of dirt gathered on the walls that need to be cleaned for a good look. Dry dusting is the safest way if you are not a patient with asthma, but a damp cloth can also do a great job if there are oil paints on the wall. For cleaning shelves and cabinets, use a duster because the favourite place for dust to settle is in the cupboards.

Clear Air Vents

Cleaning air vents is essential for good air quality that benefits your health. Cleaning air vents after renovation is critical to reducing the amount of dust and dirt. If you cannot clean air vents, you can call professional cleaners for better results and cleaning.

Don’t neglect these places.

Don’t neglect these places and things that are often overlooked

  • Light fixtures
  • Lamp shades
  • Ceiling fans
  • Ornaments
  • Door locks
  • Appliances

We often neglect these things, but there is a tremendous amount of dust settled on them, so it is essential to clean them and then wipe down the floor after cleaning all of them.

Why You Should Hire Post Renovation Cleaning Professionals

Several reasons why it’s worth calling professional cleaners for post-renovation cleaning. Cleaning the post-renovation is a bit risky because of so many reasons.


Post renovation cleaners know all the renovation cleaning techniques or methods and what is hazardous to health. Cleaners know how to clean the renovated home. They will clean everything, such as removing stray nails and glass shards. Professional cleaners know what and how to clean and what PPE needs to wear to avoid injury.


You can clean your home the way you want, but the training professionals get for cleaning post-renovation houses differs from regular cleaning. Professional cleaners use the best method to clean and remove stains from your renovated home. They also pay attention to places that you neglect.


Cleaning professionals will always bring the right equipment to clean your home the way you want. Instead of spending money on renting out the equipment, call cleaners and get the house cleaned.


You can save money by doing post- renovation cleaning yourself, but the money will mount up because you have to buy cleaning equipment and solutions. Trash disposals also add up. When you hire professional cleaners, you are paying a fixed amount for cleaning, which will cost less than buying your things and cleaning yourself.

Hiring professional cleaners like Happy Houses Cleaning Experts is the best option for post-renovation cleaning. Reclaim your home and enjoy the change instead of worrying about cleaning it. Our professionals are experienced and have better methods of cleaning post renovation. You can call us today and get free estimates for cleaning services.

Enjoy your day!
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