Disinfecting, sanitizing, and cleaning is not just one thing, to keep your home, offices, and apartment clean you have to do it regularly.

Happy House cleaning services can reach all corners of the facility, we use different disinfectants using a combination of techniques such as fogging, surface wiping, and spraying.

Methods of Sanitizing:

There are three different ways to sanitize your homes and offices for example steam, hot water, and hot air.

Steam is commonly used in offices and restaurants to desensitize.

Investigate and Clean touch up areas:

High touch-up areas of a company should be sanitized and cleaned regularly because there are more chances of spreading bacteria or viruses through them. Investigate the touch-up areas such that chairs, tables, handles, computer mice, telephones, toilets, sinks, keyboards, etc.


Impose proper handwashing techniques:

Proper handwashing is one of the best defenses against the spread of illness, it should be for all the employees. And for visitors, place a sanitizer bottle outside the main door and let them sanitize their hands there. Tell your employees to wash their hands before starting work to prevent more viruses from entering your building. Paste posters on the walls that show proper handwashing techniques such as in restrooms, kitchens, and other high-traffic areas. Lastly, provide hand sanitizer that contains alcohol.


Social Distancing guidelines:

Give guides to the employees to keep 6ft distance in the office from one another and wear masks all the time in the office. And for visitors, the office management should paint a circle at 6ft from door to door, so they can easily understand and stand 6ft away from one another.


Educate your staff on the sign and symptoms of Covid-19:

Educate your all employees on the sign and symptoms of covid 19 i.e cough, flu, feeling lethargic, headache, temperature, etc and tell them to avoid the transmission of this disease one has to:

  • Wear masks 
  • Sanitize hands 
  • Reduce transmission of pens and other things 
  • Any employee who feels sick stay at home
  • Minimize physical contact 
  • Support employee hygiene 

Protocols for screening workers:

The management should keep a temperature checking instrument at the entrance door. So, every employee and visitor has to check the temperature before entering the workplace. By checking temperature the symptoms will be cleared and those with high temperature shouldn’t be allowed in the office. 


Avoid Physical Contact:

It is also important to limit physical contact with others when possible. According to doctors and guidelines, many companies are encouraging employees to abstain from handshakes and hugs while in the office to prevent the spread of diseases like coronavirus and flu.

Check vaccination cards:

Above all, all the employees should be vaccinated and have their vaccine cards with them. This shouldn’t be only for employees but also for the visitors to allow only those who have their vaccine cards with them. Identify and Isolate suspected cases before they affect others.

Now is the time to prepare for COVID-19. Simple preventive measures and methods of cleaning can make a big difference. Some actions will help protect your staff and your business.

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