Here Are Some Of The Most Helpful Hacks for Glass Polishing And Cleaning:

1. Clean from top to bottom:

Begin at the top and still clean down to make sure that no drips will happen on the surface of the glass, which has already got cleaned. Ensure not to use ammonia-based cleaners because it releases toxic fumes; in short, it is hazardous for leather or rubber.

2. Try to clean windows on a cloudy day:

The cleaning surface should be away from direct sunlight, and the sun could dry the window wash, so the cloudy day is better to clean and get a streak-free glass.

3. Try to wear an old t-shirt:

Microfibre or any old t.shirt is best when it comes to glass cleaning or its maintenance. However, these two could work well as absorbent enough to get a polished glass without any streaks, and after cleaning it, use another cloth or towel for shining and clarity.

4. Use squeegee:

It is a great solution to get polished glass without any effort. It is a simple tool that could make a tremendous difference on glass. You will have to apply tighter pressure for more persistent stains, like those from bird droppings and splattered bugs. You can also spray the solution directly over it and let it sit for two to three minutes. It will give it time to break down the stain and make wiping easier.

5. Avoid the woodwork:

Many windows, mirrors, and glass are framed with wood, so you should be careful not to allow any drips onto the wood not to damage these surfaces. Brush off any dust, sand, or dirt with your cloth from the wooden area first. It is an essential step to make sure that you will not cause any abrasion or scratches later. It is better to wash these wooden frames using cotton swabs.

6. Clean using a homemade cleaner:

To make a homemade cleaner for glass cleaning, follow these instructions.
Mix 1 gallon of water with ½ cup of vinegar into a bucket, plastic bowl, or use it in a sprayer.
Dampen an old t-shirt or any cloth into the water, and then squeeze it as it should be damp enough to clean

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