Most waited event of the year :

Christmas is one of the most awaited events of the year. Christmas cleaning is essential to enjoy it to the fullest especially when it’s your turn for hosting the party. However, it is also the most tiring thing because of its cleaning before and after. Such as decorating a Christmas tree, lights, ornaments, and many other things that are a must at a party.

We have brought some cleaning tips for you that are less tiring and you will also enjoy it.

Schedule a day for Christmas cleaning:

Teamwork is always helpful. We must dedicate cleaning tasks according to age. The tasks include room cleaning, sitting cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and washroom cleaning. Must organize all the things in a good manner and remove all other products that are not in use such that body sprays, makeup, or any other thing keep them in secure places.
Use disinfectant as covid is spreading very rapidly, disinfect everything in your room and your house, so that you are at less risk of getting sick. Adding some fresh flowers for decoration purposes will have a good and welcoming impact on guests.

Arrange cabinets and drawers:

Arranging cabinets and drawers means just cleaning all the things, giving all the things that are not in your use, and keeping things that are necessary for you. It will also free up the space in your drawer and cabinets. A plus point of this is that you can share your cabinet with your guests as well for the time they are staying.

Wash Windows and Disinfect Touch Up areas:

Wash all the windows outside your house. It will give a clean and tidy look to your house and don’t forget to disinfect touchup areas like door handles, locks, and window handles. Furthermore, you should dust out the doors and other wooden things.

Vacuum the carpets pre Christmas:

Vacuum the carpets before the party because it will take out all the dust and leave a clear look to your sitting and room area.

Sweeping the house post-Christmas:

After the party it is always very difficult to pick the pine needles, using a vacuum the pine needles will destroy it, here is a tip for you; sweep out the house for pine needles and carpet cleaning.
It will be best for you to hire professionals because they know better about cleaning,

Decoration mess:

While decorating, the mess is all around us. Here is a tip for us: just get an empty box and put extra things in it during decorating trees and your house, after decorating, trash it out.

Bling it on:

It is always very important to give a shiny look to your house during the festive season, use glass cleaner for shining, and clean windows glass or table glass. Add some lights that are non-breakable e.g. fairy lights. It will add a good look to your house and on a minimal budget.

For your relaxation, pre and post-Christmas cleaning Happy House Cleaning Services is always here to give its services with different discounted deals. You can call us for free quotes.

Christmas Cleaning Tips

Christmas Cleaning Tips

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